This site's purpose is to address the many questions and concerns that mule or donkey owners, or those that might be contemplating ownership need to know in order to establish a healthy, safe and happy relationship that is mutual for equine and human!

We have gathered together relevant information on these highly intelligent and wonderful equines that should help with the raising, care and training of these often misunderstood members of the equine family.

Please browse through the many articles  we have collected  to  add to your ''equine tool box.'' It is so much easier to make progress once we truly understand how the equine mind and body work and how we can develop a relationship with them that is both fascinating and rewarding. We also have LINKS to some other great helpful sites!

Much of the information here is also applicable to horses. Where possible we will also provide links to other great sites! And if you have a concern or question that is not addressed here, drop us a note and we will attempt to answer it. Or if you have something to contribute to the site, please send to us for consideration.  

 While we continue to develop this site, we ask that you keep checking back as we have many more photos and informative articles to add. We look forward to helping you on this journey of discovery! 

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