The American Donkey and Mule Society Inc. The worlds largest single source of information on Donkeys, Mules and Zebra Hybrids. They also operate a Registry for Donkeys and Mules. THE BRAYER is a magazine published 6 times a year, full of good information .Phone 972 219-0781 Email:

Mules and More is a  full color  magazine from Missouri, published every month, full of informative and interesting articles including write ups from Anna Arnold the ''Granny with a big hat and a fine mule,''  featured professional trainers, trail ride articles by Angie Mayfield and much more.  On line subscriptions are now available and can be ordered on their website! Call 573 646-3934. Email: FACEBOOK: mulesandmore

Western Mule magazine is published monthly  from Missouri, and offers information and articles on mules including monthly saddle fit articles by Terry Wagner, historical articles by Deb Kidwell as well as articles by trainers and others. Email them at  or phone 417 859-MULE. Follow on Facebook at Western Mule Magazine.

The Donkey and Mule Sanctuary of England is know world wide for their extensive knowledge, research and programs to help donkeys  and mules especially in third world countries.  They are world leaders in Education in all areas of donkey  and mule care and their website reflects all that they offer and do. Advise is always available. 

The Donkey Sanctuary of Canada is a not-for-profit licensed charity in Guelph, Ontario. We provide a lifelong home to donkeys, mules and hinnies that are unwanted, neglected or abused. Animals can be sponsored through the DSC Adopt a Donkey Plan. Our NEWSLETTER is published three times a year and a copy is available upon request. Phone 519 836-1697. Email:

Turtle Valley Donkey Refuge Society, Chase, British Columbia, Canada. Since 1999 we have been offering refuge to donkeys. Our mission is to provide a safe and permanent home for neglected, abused or unwanted donkeys. Call 250 679-2778. Email

Tindell's Horse and Mule School, Oak Hills California. Jerry is a professional mule and horse trainer offering clinics, private lessons, and stock analysis and training for all breeds. An extremely gifted  and dedicated trainer and teacher with decades of experience, his resume includes being a farrier and trainer of horses and officers for the L.A.P. D. Read some of Jerry's articles on training included on this website, plus check out his list of coming Clinics in North America including Alberta, Canada. Visit his website for more information on lessons, training and clinics plus invaluable DVD'S he has available. You can contact him at 760 403 3922 or Follow him on Facebook at ''Tindell's Horse and Mule School, Humans too.''

Tim Doud of Cody, Wyoming owns and operates Diamond Creek Mules where he breeds, raises and trains a few quality performance mules and donkeys out of proven mares and jennies each year. He is a certified John and Josh Lyons Trainer and has written many excellent articles on training that he shares on his website which are most helpful and informative for any equine owner. You can reach him at his website, on Facebook or by calling 307 899-6553 or emailing

Meredith Hodges of  Loveland, Colorado, has been a advocate and extensive promoter of mules and donkeys for many years.  Visit her website for more information on her comprehensive correspondence training program, Training Mules and Donkeys. She also has DVD's and a very successful children's series of books  on ''Jasper the Mule.'' Contact her at 1 800 816 7566 or look for her and Lucky Three Ranch on Facebook and Twitter.

Ty Evans Mulemanship Clinics ''Helping people with mule problems and mules with people problems. Ty and his wife Skye travel extensively across Americaoffering their informative clinics all year round. Call 801 598 7465 or visit their website. Follow them on Facebook at tsmules.

MacKinnon Equine Services, Ltd, Grant MacKinnon, D.Eq. D. Grant offers his extensive years of experience and excellence of service to horses, mules and donkeys and is a leader in Equine Dentistry with an deep passion to help owners understand how equine dental care can alleviate pain, address troubling behavior and extend the lives and usefulness of their stock. He travels extensively across Alberta and Saskatchewan year round to serve your equine dental needs. Reach him at  306 747-2724 to book a visit or ask a question. Read the article about Grant's work on this site under INFO FOR BOTH  and refer to his website for more eye-opening dental information.