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Marlene Quiring has been in love with mules since first acquiring a pack mule many years ago. That mule led to many mountains trips with mules and eventually raising mules for many years. She has gathered together all of the articles, many of those being her own. And while she would never “toot her own horn”, I would be glad to.

I first became aware of Marlene in 1997 through her monthly contributions to the Horses All publication on behalf of the ADMC.  She wrote newsletters for the club for over two decades! Her articles have been featured in several equine magazines.

I had just received a lovely molly mule in training (who I eventually bought) Since it was my first exposure to a longears I soaked up every word that Marlene wrote.  I had the pleasure of meeting Marlene in person later that year at the Westerner Donkey & Mule Show and we’ve been friends ever since.

Marlene was on the show committee for the Tees Longears Days Show for a good many years, as well as part of the committee responsible for Team Mule at Spruce Meadows Battle of the Breeds which the Mules eventually won in 2008.


Happily supporting my good friend in her efforts,

Angie Pierce

Marlene and her beloved mule, Shadow.


Lollipop (formerly known as Daisy). This is the mule that I acquired 1997. She lived to the ripe old age of 42. Read her story here.

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